Click Fraud In Streaming Music

All a fraudster has to do is set up a fake artist account with fake music, and then they can use bots to generate clicks for their pretend artist. If each stream is worth $0.007 a click, the fraudster only needs 1,429 streams to make their $10 subscription fee back, at which point additional clicks are pure profit.

.. and that is just the start ! Somehow this needs to be fixed. Very quickly. Because it is not just about paying for your monthly stream fee - at scale - this problem amplifies this one that I have written about before. Actually - when you read the full article, it turns out that the writer - Sharks Laguna - in a far more eloquent and detailed way than I achieved here - is hitting at the exact problem I was trying to get to. I just hadn’t managed the analysis. Shame on me.

[ Source : Sharks Laguana, writing for Medium via The Loop ]

August 20, 2015