Big Brother Is Watching You

Doc Searl’s long - but well worth reading - take on the state of online advertising. Absolutely mind boggling how many trackers are sitting on sites - watching us - to mine us for an extra couple of cents. To give you a taste, and in case you are wondering why should I care … check out TRUSTe’s 2015 Privacy Index that Doc highlights in his article.

42% are more worried about their privacy than one year ago. 91% “avoid doing business with companies who I do not believe protect my privacy online.” 86% “have taken steps to protect their privacy in the last twelve months.” 63% “deleted cookies 44% “changed privacy settings” 25% “have turned off location tracking”

… wait … 63% have deleted cookies ? It wasn’t that long ago that the general public didn’t even know what a cookie was - much less how to delete it !

[ Source : Doc Searl’s Weblog ]


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