The Power Of Misleading Information


… actually - just wrong information when you think about it.

Is it just me ? (And I do know this dates from 2013 - but for some reason - someone was circulating it again on twitter last week - but that aside.)

First : The headline on the article reads

Mobile Is The Only Media That Is Growing — TV, Print, Radio Are All Shrinking

But the graphic (see above) reads

Mobile Is The Only Media Time That Is Growing — TV, Print, Radio Are All Shrinking

Those two statements are VERY different

We only have 24 hours in a day - if something is growing - as in using more of our ‘disposable time’ (*assuming we have it ) - then of COURSE something else is going to be decling …. DUH !

Two : But back to that headline … which is different, to what the graph says - which now means the headline is meaningless ! ‘Mobile’ is NOT a media - it is a channel - that media gets delivered through. The stuff that media like ‘TV’. ‘Radio’. Print, …. used to deliver is now being delivered through the mobile channel - that’s right - all the other stuff listed on that self same chart.

I will grant that the final conclusion

Readers, viewers, and listeners are abandoning traditional media and turning to mobile digital media.

… is right - but it is NOTHING to do with the logic that the article takes to get you there. Henry Blodgett does this consistently - drives me nuts. The only consistency is in the inconsistency of his commentary. This one I just had to call out.

Source: Mobile Is The Only Media That Is Growing — TV, Print, Radio Are All Shrinking


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