Steven Wilson, ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’

in the top 45 Best Albums of 2015 So Far …

Porcupine Tree leader Steven Wilson’s fourth solo effort is a concept album based on a true story, but the grandest gestures here are found in the music. The 10-minute-plus “3 Years Older,” for one, brings together Wilson’s mannered, erudite vocals with Rush-like guitar blasts, ELP-esque keyboard freakouts, stately piano tinklings, swelling strings, CSN-style harmonies, shimmery acoustic guitars and warped, tech-doom soloing — and that’s just the first full song. “It’s not complicated,” Wilson sings at one point. Right, and neither is quantum physics.

On which topic - delighted that Wilson’s solo is in top 45 of 2015 … so far..

[ Source : Rolling Stone ]

June 24, 2015