Europe’s migration crisis played out dramatically on the motorways of northern France on Tuesday, as hundreds of desperate migrants attempted to board UK-bound lorries while taking advantage of a wildcat strike by Calais port workers.

The UK Independant write “How militancy and desperation collided to plunge Calais into chaos after migrants took advantage of port workers’ wildcat strike” I am tracking this - but so far haven’t yet got to the bottom of the REAL driver here … BUT - sitting in London as ‘we’ bombed Iraq all those years ago - I got to talking about the idea of the looming ‘Food Wars’. (alas - still trying to find where I wrote it) My contention was - and remains - that ‘when’, not if, the continent of Africa gets angry enough at how we treat that continent - there is only a tiny lake (we call it the mediterranean) that separates Africa from Europe - and when the swarm of humanity descends on Europe - how exactly will we react … what will we do.

One thing I know … It has started..

[ Source : The Independent ]


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