Why the Future of Work Will Be So Different

Future-Exit-Sign-000018627375XSmallFuture-Exit-Sign-000018627375XSmallRegular readers know that I am very much a watcher of change in the work place. This is one of the reasons Jon Glesinger and I started GleXnet all those years ago.

For reasons that will become obvious over the next few weeks - I find myself more and more talking to people about why part of the Future of Work is about extracting ourselves from Industrial Age Thinking - and understanding that “the future is already here … its just not very evenly distributed” … as William Gibson said over twenty years ago.

It still isn’t - but if you look around - it is being applied. And more of that to come in future posts.

Meanwhile - spotted this article today as I trawled my sources - and it resonated. Enjoy.

The way we design and manage most organizations is still mired in 19th- century assumptions about people, technology, organizational efficiency, economic value, and social wellbeing.

Isn’t it time to embrace the 21st century and rebuild the way we work?

Source: The Way We Were: Why the Future of Work Will Be So Different | The Future of Work


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