Innovation - Stop Talking About It - Do It

JAN15_05_111011253JAN15_05_111011253Where/how are people wasting their time?

Where/how are people having difficulty with technology?

Where/how are people looking for information?

Where/how are people stuck?

How do people want to be perceived?”

In another part of my life - there I go with my boxes again - we spend a lot of time TALKING about innovation. This article popped up in the stream the other day - in summary a pretty good recipe for value-based innovation.

Specifically - let me draw your attention to the Five Attributes, and then consider the Five Questions; namely

“My colleagues and I use a core set of five attributes to look for emerging patterns: contradictions, inflections, oddities, coincidences, and inversions. Those attributes help us identify a set of likely trends on the horizon. Then, we put each trend through what we call The Five Questions”.

January 18, 2015