Why Is Fractals My Twitter Handle ?

JP-FractalJP-FractalIt’s a long story - but ‘Fractals’ has been part of my persona for over 20 years. It all started when I was at a cross roads in my business career - and I set up a company that was called ‘Fractal Communications’. The principle was a ‘piece of nougat’ in my brain that said that business processes at the largest level all the way to the smallest are in many ways self similar. My company was to be focussed on attention to detail - at each and every level, so that I could (still do in fact), apply the same principles to my work programs today.

Back then I could be running large multi-country events with thousand of attendees - or producing a script for Inside Sales to use to get attendees to a new seminar, or even writing a direct mailing piece. (remember - I did say this was a while back).

History took over - and I moved to the USA - “life” - to quote Mr John Lennon - “is what happens when you are busy making other plans”.

If you want to read more about fractals as a quick intro - go here.

Of course all of this was years before Twitter and Facebook - but somehow that concept stuck with me and still allows me to keep on the straight and narrow. So the image above is used by me on a number of social networks - including being my personal Twitter handle.

This all came to mind when I saw this useful tip - which I have applied, so that when I simply type my handles into Wordpress

  • @fractals
  • @beyond_bridges
  • @fractalmusic

… being my three most popular personas - they just appear as clickable links - no coding necessary. LOVE IT

Meanwhile  - why not click on the link and follow - I try to keep it interesting.

June 14, 2013