Sometimes The Truth Hurts ….

.. but first you got to hear it.

Now, I entirely understand that the LinkedIn business model is to sell my CV to recruiters, not give me useful tools to manage my network. I also understand that all the mediocre me-too news-aggregation is a way to try to get me to spend more time on the site, rather than visiting every month or two.  But really, it needs to get the basics right. It needs to give me useful tools. Right now it’s a not-very-good CV database with an interface that would be second-rate a decade ago, that I have no reason to stick with if something remotely, you know, useful  came along.

So, Reid Hoffman is a genius, with a great vision. I just wish he’d join LinkedIn, and implement some of it.

This is now so bad that the company has announced a ‘Contacts’ app for iPhone - which as far as I can see is simply LinkedIn without all the useless junk that’s been piled on top. What would we say if Google announced a new ‘Search’ app, or Facebook a new ‘share stuff with your friends’ app? Contacts is what LinkedIn IS - it shouldn’t be a side-project.

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June 13, 2013