You Can Prove Anything You Like …. And People Do

I have read a lot recently about how using Social Sales Methods and Principles accelerates time to revenue, increases revenue (and profit), engages customers in conversations earlier … doubtless you have read all of that as-well.

Here’s my problem…. I have yet to find any proof point that compares sales people before and after the social sales implementation - so I know that I am comparing like for like.

Don’t get me wrong - I know Social Sales works, that isn’t my issue. BUT …. simply giving a bad sales person Social Sales Tools I don’t think suddenly turns them into rock stars …. because as we all know - it isn’t about the tools.

Rather, my thought is that IF you are a top class sales person - then you are always on the look out for processes, methods, tools that will improve your likelihood for success. Social Sales therefore is being examined and explored by the best. And it is working.

What we do not know yet is how much it improves the delta.

If anyone has a different view - would love to hear both opinion and see the case study.

May 3, 2013