Is This Our Future

So the world is triangulating today.

A dialogue going on in one of my groups around Google - Mail and Apps - discussing whether Google is really going to be running the world’s business email - and if so - in what time frame?

Then … this analysis re IBM’s results from last quarter - one word summary - “Ouch”

And then … this announcement on Techcrunch …. ’Pivotal takes $105 million in funding from GE

…. the very space that IBM - according to the first link - is being threatened.

“Pivotal is building a new platform for a new era, setting the standard for Enterprise Platform- as-a-Service (PaaS). The company’s mission is to enable customers to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, doing all of this with the power of cloud independence.”

All good stuff - depending on where you sit.

April 29, 2013