Gorgeous Mobile Designs

good-designgood-designI am not a designer - but I sure do appreciate good design. I like typography that works, frameworks and infrastructure that allow you to convey information clearly and consistently.

Downside is that as the bar has been lowered to allow pretty much anybody to write, publish and sell and app, roll out a web site or push out a product and in parallel it is amazing how little attention is paid to the user experience.

In my world of software - it also seems to me that there is more and more complexity for those developers to think about in the ever increasing variety of form factors phones of infinitely variable sizes, pads likewise. Computer monitors. TV monitors. And then all of that has to be wrapped up with more and more browsers and app guidelines and different code sets.

Delighted therefore to point you to this article - providing a veritable cornucopia of great design aesthetics in the mobile world. Enjoy.

April 27, 2013