Why I Am Pumped

natekontnynatekontnyOK - so with a switch here - and a switch there, I think I have managed to introduce a new part of my workflow - “just like that” - as Tommy Cooper used to say.

Here’s the deal - I have discovered this amazing online resource called ‘Draftin’.

Why am I excited ? Well - for a long time now I have been VERY disappointed with myself with regard to my use of Facebook. I drop a lot of stuff in there - mainly because it is soooooo easy. Then even just a week later - try finding anything - close to impossible. Facebook is ‘for the moment’. Sure - fun - but totally impractical.

I have the wordpress app on my pad and phone, i use Mars Edit, I have Blogsy - all great for ‘proper’ posts - but for quick ‘comments into the stream’ - over kill. No longer. Sign up to Draftin - post my comment - submit - and it drops right into my blog stream, complete with tags and categories.

Just some of ‘the bennies’

  • It uses HTML and Markdown
  • You can collaborate with it
  • You can publish to blogs - hidden and public
  • It hooks into dropbox, box, evernote …

In fact - what I have done is set up a new tag in the blog called ‘Journal’ - so that everything coming through this channel will be flagged - and though it is part of the timeline, it wont appear on the main blog - where more (ideally) thought provoking pieces will appear.

Anyway - now you know why I am excited - and now signing off as I move on with my ‘Great Experiment’.

March 28, 2013