Reality - Augmented

imageimageIn 2012 - 

“The average B2B buyer is 57% through a typical purchase decision before engaging with a sales person.”

“12% is as much of your customer’s total mindshare you can expect to get as a supplier across the entire B2B purchase path.”

Both these statistics (and/or very similar) are emerging from a number of different sales research organizations and most recently were written about in Forbes. In fact Forbes/ CMO Network extrapolated the first point to write:

“More accurately, 57 percent of the sales process just disappeared.”

My partners at Reality Works have understood this trend for sometime and has been working with large and medium sized sales organizations to attack this and other challenges the modern enterprise faces. We have delivered over 450 other successful client engagements.

  • We Identify and understand best practice data around customer engagement and work to customize to suit your business
  • We deliver solutions that range from core telesales operation, through to customer facing integrated solutions
  • We wrote the book on Sales 2.0 - literally
  • We are the go to people in the industry for working out how to embrace Social Sales into core processes
  • Leading global organizations are working with us to solve the challenges implied by those two quotes.

You can find us here …. or just connect with me directly - love to help you.

March 7, 2013