NetNewsWire Just Might Be My Salvation

Brent SimmonsBrent Simmons

I was sorting out some old ‘notes to self’ and came across the quote at the bottom of the post. No attribution - but I liked it - and obviously I liked it at the time - which is why I saved it.

Thanks to the power of the interwebs - I found the source … and it was written when Brent Simmons sold NetNewswire to Black Pixel back in 2011.

I still track Brent and his writings - part of the cadre of thinking ‘renaissance people’ that I trip across as I wander through life.

Funny - looking at the date, it will be 2 years - very soon - and just a month later Google will be shutting Reader down. So it got me to wondering what NetNewswire will do at that point.

Here is the start of the answer

Of all the many, many things I’ve learned in the past nine years, it’s that the best part isn’t money or winning awards or the small fame that comes with a successful app, it’s when people write to say they love the software.

April 1, 2013