Working For Free …..

harlanellisonharlanellisonWay way back I posted this …. it is important because we live in an age of instant gratification of free. Harlan says f@@k that.

As long ago as it was that I posted this, I was sorting a few things on my blog last night - and rediscovered it - and shared it into Facebook, where it got a few reposts.

But lo - scrolling through the RSS feed tonight - and what do I find, but Seth G talking about when should you work for free - and references exactly the same video.

He goes on to argue when you should and when you shouldn’t - makes sense.

After all - it isn’t rocket science !

UPDATE 22nd February 2012.

Loren Nason in the comments below called out another video (Mike Monteiro of Mule Design) that it reminded him of. I didnt know it - I do now. Thankyou Loren.

Watch it here.

And this is the complete talk.

February 22, 2013