What Is Social


I’ve had a couple of rants recently about definitions. I do try not to be the grammar police - but I do like clarity and I have commented in many other places how people seem to use the various examples of SocialXXX interchangeably.

It drives me NUTS. Seems like Nilofer Merchant is being driven in the same direction >>>>

This is her piece today in HBR about this very topic. My thanks to friend and colleague Anneke Seley for sending me the link.

More of my posts regarding definitions that will grow as I rediscover older rants that are not correctly tagged !

As Nilofer writes:

Sometimes it helps to see distinctions side by side:




Social Media

Chris Shipley and ClueTrain Manifesto

Moving marketing from a monologue to a dialogue.

Enterprise 2.0

Andrew McAfee

Tools can speed information flow and tear down siloes.

Social Business (1.0)

Mohammed Yunus

Make profits and meaning (at the same time). (Also referred to as Social Innovation or Social Entrepreneurship.)

CrowdSourcing / Open Innovation

Clay Shirky / Henry Chesborough

Leverage others to create value for you.

Social Business (2.0)

Peter Kim (and Dachis organization)

By being more connected, (i.e. using social tools), a company can generate greater value to all its constituents.

Social Era

Nilofer Merchant

Connected individuals can now do what once only large centralized organizations could do, which changes organizational structures and individual power.

February 20, 2013