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This is one of a series of posts about Sprout Social that I am publishing throughout this blog, you can find the full list of posts here. I highly recommend that you check that set if you haven’t already.

Before you get started - you might want to check this post first.

The home page of Sprout Social is a veritable forest of goodness that you need to get your head around.

This post is JUST about the Home page that you are presented when you first log on. As I build out this series, I will cross reference to the other aspects of the application so that you get the full picture of what it can do for you.


At a glance I have a rapid single dashboard of the highlights of my interactions, for the past week - or using that little drop down selector, past month.

Group Trends provides me with absolute numbers and trends for messages, twitter followers , interactions and the like

Audience Demographics - delivers a male / female breakdown with a histogram showing me age ranges

Social Profile Analysis - provides a snapshot of my connected accounts.

I can select a set of different home pages based on my groups. In my case I have set up groups as follows


Essentially they represent the areas of interest that I am exploring right now where I think Social Sprout can help. No need to break everything out into groups - but this allows me to focus my workflow.

By switching between those groups, I can get my rapid summary dashboard to change accordingly.

Recommendation Two : Define your preferred workflow

Across the top of the screen you can see that beyond this ‘home’ screen - I can also access Messages, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery and Reports. Going forward I intend to look into and report back on each of those screens.

Moreover on the right you can see that I have rapid access to my inbox (and remember, this is a contextual inbox - that will change depending on the group I am in, the profiles I have linked to this page and who has recently followed me.

That’s it. But think about it. On a single page you have a dashboard to data and trends across your social networks - with a single click access that allows you to track , monitor, engage and report on your interactions in those networks - contextualized by the groups that you have settled on.

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February 22, 2013