Be Careful What You Measure

chrisdancychrisdancy‘If you can measure it, someone will, and that somebody should be you.’

— Chris Dancy

Kind of up there with ‘commoditize your business before it is commoditized for you.’ Great article from Klint Finley in Wired about how technology is essentially ‘time tracking’ pretty much ANY body in the work force.

My worry is that it will rapidy get reduced to tracking - again - time - which as you know from earlier posts is a flawed concept IMHO. I am a great believer in paying for value. Of course measuring the value - that is a different question - but once more I worry that we are rushing to solving the challenge of the low hanging fruit and avoiding solving the bigger, more interesting and certainly more complex problem of monetizing value.

“That’s just one of the many ways that employers are using technology to track employee productivity. Call centers have long used metrics such as call time to rank employees, and gamification software may take it to new levels. Darpa wants to track soldiers’ health. Apparently, IBM has a tool for detecting disgruntled employees. And CEO Marc Benioff has boasted of a “Chatterlytics” system for ranking employees on their use of the company’s internal social network."

Read the full article here The Quantified Man: How an Obsolete Tech Guy Rebuilt Himself for the Future.

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February 23, 2013