How to Draw In An Audience To Your Blog

deborahsweeneydeborahsweeneyKind of a self referential post dont you think ? I mean if you are reading this - you know I have already attracted you - and if you are not reading this …. well you get my point.

Neverthless - How to Draw in an Audience for Your Company Blog - by Deborah Sweeney for Social Meia Today makes for an interesting read.

I read it - and other than

“Bring on the Guest Bloggers!”

I think I am on pace. What do you think ?

… and would you like to guest blog on Beyond Bridges ?

“Ideally when you first start blogging, you’ll want to interact with the readers and those who leave behind comments as much as possible. But starting out usually means starting from the ground up and seldom does that ground include instant interaction immediately. Begin looking into having partners with your business and established writers offer up some guest blog posts to your site. It’s a great way for these writers to share their story and bring in a readership that might not have stopped by to your site before. And vice versa on this one – offer to write a blog post for their company blog too!”

February 25, 2013