Good News For The Music Industry

music_notesmusic_notes… the question is whether it is good news for music or musicians ? What is more … the truly sad thing in all of this …. well how about

“Had the music industry been more open to change in 1999, analysts said, it might not have taken more than a decade to get to this stage. Still, better late than never.”

or that …..

“If there is a lesson to take away it is probably that the earlier you can embrace new business models and services, the better,” said Paul Brindley, chief executive of MusicAlly, a consulting firm in London. “Whether this is signaling a turnaround that will lead to inexorable growth, who knows? But it does at least signal a bottoming out, with room for growth.”

or even to quote Sony Music’s Edgar Berger in the Chicago Tribune

“At the beginning of the digital revolution it was common to say that digital was killing music. The reality is that digital is saving music.”

One of the many stories on the news - this from the NY TIMES:

Music Industry Has First Revenue Increase Since 1999

The really heartening thing is that the book publishers are raiding the music industry for talent so that they don’t get caught out like the music industry was - but then again - I do have a feeling that that particular horse is also on its way down the track …. let’s see.

February 26, 2013