A New Month

As February starts - I am on the trail to keep up the pressure of a post a day. It has proved hard. Still - as someone once said “If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It”.

If you pay attention to this blog - you will note that I have slipped a few quotes as my daily contribution to my target. February is shorter - will try harder - but you know - there just are some GREAT words of wisdom out there.

As I write my posts and build up this blog - I thought I would open the month with a collection of quotes specifically pertaining to blogging. (My source for all attributed quotes in this post)


“And it occurred to me that there is no such thing as blogging. There is no such thing as a blogger. Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.” (Simon Dumenco)

“The fact of the matter is, if you can start up a local blog about the independent hip-hop scene in Seattle or the financial side of the restaurant business or the intersection of immigration and entrepreneurship, you’ve got a far better shot at becoming a leader in your field.” (Rand Fishkin)

“I guess my point is, if you’re one of these people considering giving up on blogging in exchange for paying more attention to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, or whatever they throw at us mere mortals, bear in mind you are giving up on something rather unique and wonderful.” (Hugh Macleod)

Hugh’s in particular resonated with me. The people who I really enjoy - who I really track - they have blogs - sure they might post to the social media world - but the source id their site - their platform - that’s why I persevere.

February 1, 2013