Should ALL Knowledge Be Free ?

I like Quora - but a little like the Om Malik - have often wrestled with the business model. This is an interesting interview by Om Malik with Adam Dangelo on Quora

The most telling quote from my persepective is … (my bold)

Adam: We think at a very high level there is a lot of knowledge that is inside people’s head and is not accessible. Sure, the internet (of today) is pretty vast and big, but it is still not where we can access that knowledge that easily. So you have a blog, but a lot of people don’t have an audience or aren’t as connected and able to find the information as you.

Access to that knowledge is much harder, and our goal is to make it easy. Anything you want to know, you go to Quora and get it. And at the same time, give people a platform that is easy to use for sharing the knowledge. When you think, we are now scaling up, and a bigger set of the world’s knowledge will be on Quora and it will be more valuable. Clearly, quality is a challenge and how to keep the noise level down is going to be focus for us.

It is this bold that my collegues and I at Expert Alumni have been wrestling with as we explore concepts like Knowledge Exchanges. I guess the difference is that we have been trying to work out how to monetize that knowledge - so that those that have it get rewarded - if they want to.

As far as I can see Quora believes that all knowledge should just be available.

That is a big difference.

January 7, 2013