I Just Don’t Have The Time

no-time-480-150x150no-time-480-150x150You might have noticed that I am blogging more this year.

Reasons ?

  1. I am getting it into my workflow

  2. I blog as I go - a little harder than clicking the link to Facebook - but not THAT much - and the benefits do outweigh

  3. I don’t wrestle with the nuances of what I am writing as I would if I was writing (say) a Business Plan, piece of research, a presentation for a customer …..

Still - it does take time - and sometimes there is just too much. So I am working on timeliness and quick links - rather than backlogs of drafts behind the scene.

These are today’s ….. ( my thanks to Dave Pell’s Next Draft

How Teens Actually Use The Internet - have you heard of snapchat ? your teenager has - and is likely using it.

Congress - rated somewhere below cockroaches - maybe it is how the questions are asked - I think that always needs to be considered.

Banning Yoga from school - seriously !

January 10, 2013