Does Cold Calling Still Work?

annekeseleyannekeseleyGood question.

Friend and colleague Anneke Seley was discussing the question recently …. you can read her post ’Does Cold Calling Still Work? … here.

But I wonder if we keep coming back to definitional problems.

Here’s what I commented on her post :

The implication is that “cold calling” used to work …. but I am not sure it ever did.

Definitely people used to connect with others ‘out of the blue’ and something might happen - but the best sales people from ‘the old school’ i have ever known never cold called. They connected with a thought through and understood value proposition that they anticipated would resonate with the person they were calling - even though that person might never have expected the call - so was it a cold call - or a carefully calculated campaign of 1?

January 27, 2013