A Raft Of Drafts

I am in the unenvious position - AGAIN - of having a raft of draft posts sitting in my queue - they need to get finished - all I need is time. Meanwhile - I really did want to do a post a day for this year - success so far - mainly by borrowing pithy quotes from famous people about sales, marketing, the future and all ….. and then today … voila !!

You haven’t posted in weeks and the self induced pressure is on to create a blog post. You had an idea the other day, but you didn’t log it anywhere, and now that idea is foggy. What are you going to do? Where are you going to find blog topics of interest to both your readers and yourself? Sound familiar?

EXACTLY the same issue ! Who’d have known ?

Read on and learn what you can do !!!

Blog Topics: 5 Ways to Uncover Ideas

January 28, 2013