‘Personals’ Are Not The Plural of Personal

AQAL7_Fig14AQAL7_Fig14One day I hope to meet JP. One day.

How ? No idea.

When ? No clue.

Why ? Because I have been tracking his posts for a long time - and though I don’t always link back to everything he writes. I do more than most. He is from India. Moved to the UK ‘forever ago’. His stories and lessons of life from being brought up in Calcutta resonate. I have no clue why because while India is on my bucket list, I have never been there. But I do think that as he writes of a time in India, he recalls a life that we can recognize as part of our Western history, though our recollections are possibly removed by couple of generations, not in our own life time.

Then again - he and I also have VERY similar musical tastes (though he probably doesn’t know it), and I do enjoy the world of wacky - for example I can highly recommend his quizzes centered on ‘un-googalable’ questions.

This one - the plural of personal is social. Is well worth a read. As is so often the case. As usual - Spot on. And as usual - not going to quote extracts from his original work - you should do that over here - and then follow up with part two here. Suffice to say JP hits on key issues that help us all understand what is going on as we transition our world into a social and open one.


Finally - if you are wondering about the graphic I used on this post - take a read of this - no - I am not sure I understand it either - - but love the use of image to explain his argument.

December 31, 2012