Earth As Art

earthearthMy occasional online alter ego is the ‘nom de plume’ - ‘Fractals’. One day, I will get round to writing the post that discusses the relevance of Fractals to business. In the meantime, as an increasingly engaged IPad user - not just as a consumer - but as a producer - was delighted to see a new free IPad App called ‘Earth as Art’ - produced by NASA.

First - massive kudos to whoever came up with the logo - reproduce here. Art wrapped inside of Earth - using the traditional blue of water and green of land color system. Love It.

But then as you page through the photographs of these extraordinary images of Mother Earth from Space - tell me if I am wrong - Fractals are fundamental to our planet. I know - not earth shattering stuff here ( thank goodness) … Still nice to see macro-fractals in action - not just the usual leaves and snow flakes.

Here is some of the kind of stuff I am talking about.

December 11, 2012