It’s The Little Things That Count

When I went off to college - my mum told me to write to her every day. Of course - I didn’t.

She asked why not - she wrote to her mum every day. Well I said - when ever I sit down to write to you - I can’t think of anything to say.

My mom said - that is why she wrote to her mom every day. Because then - even something as trvial as what you are having for dinner is important. If you only write once a week - so much passes by that nothing is important enough. So you dont write - and the next week it is even harder.

Write every day she said.

Of course, I still didn’t, I’m a guy - she was my mom - but the lesson remains baked in the brain.

And it occurred to me tonight about blogging. I am not a blogger. I write stuff that goes onto blogs. I have hundreds of ideas and thoughts that I want to write about. Half baked ideas, pulpit beating - you name it. But I don’t. Not enough time. But then this post took me about 5 minutes to write.

I think that is the point  - it’s about how I should be thinking about all my blogs. Write - Publish. Every day - otherwise nothing will be important enough.

What do you think ?

November 29, 2012