Sprout Social

If you don’t know Sprout Social - maybe it’s time you did.

Read what Venture Beat have to say about them.

You get a free 30 day trial, costs $39 per month to manage up to 10 profiles.

And the user list includes;

Yahoo, Microsoft, Mailchimp, Fender and Benjamin Moore.

Here’s a list of what they say they do :

  • Publish and schedule updates across social channels with a single click
  • Monitor your brand and competition across social channels and the web
  • Connect with highly targeted customers through Discovery tools
  • Measure success with robust reporting and analytics
  • Collaborate with our team, tasks and permissions tools


So SproutSocial brings all conversations from multiple social networks down to a single stream, with full conversation history in one place. Multiple users can dip their toes in that same stream without crossing wires, and queue up content to be released at optimal, spaced times.

“For people who aren’t used to a bunch of information on the screen, something about the efficiency of our interface resonates,” says Howard.

October 21, 2012