The ‘C Suite’ - Creative

Being ‘Creative’ is the first of a five point tenet around communications that I developed 25 years ago.

Even then the world was cluttered - and my contention was - and is - that creativity is essential to ensure that a piece of communications stands out from the crowd and the clutter that surrounded - surrounds - us all.

My question for you - when you look at what you are giving your customer, your staff, your partner …. is it creative ? Does it stand out from the clutter - or is it just ‘blah’.

And - if it isn’t going to rise above the clutter - ask yourself - why should the recipient care ?

There are reasons - and being creative doesn’t have to mean you need Picasso involved at every stage - or even that the recipient will necessarily get the creativity. 

It can be one of those things that ‘just is’ and works subliminally.

But - if it isn’t there. Why not ?

August 21, 2012