The ‘C Suite’ – Consistent

You have put together the singularly most awesome earth-shattering piece of communication - absolutely designed to rise above the clutter and shine like the beacon it is. In a nutshell - the creativity to make it stand out is epic!

Not only that - but you have been really clever and ensured that it is not only epically awesome - but that it ties into the core messaging that is what your organization is all about.

Done! Right? Well - not so fast.

To ensure that the piece is consistent is equally important.

All of your communications relate to each other and connect to each other, at all levels including (alphabetically to ensure that no single item is focussed on to the exclusion of the others) …

  • brand
  • content architecture
  • design
  • language
  • message
  • vocabulary

Making your new piece consistent is the third factor. It needs to be - must be - is essential to be - consistent with every other piece that surrounds it so that the amplification, memorability and use is maximized.

Click through to here : to read more about consistency. As Stacey writes :

  1. Consistency allows for measurement.
  2. Consistency creates accountability.
  3. Consistency establishes your reputation.
  4. Consistency makes you relevant.
  5. Consistency maintains your message.

Thanks also to them for that rather cool graphic I used at the top of the post.

August 23, 2012