Modern Business is a Video Game - A Bad One

We all toil away at this silly game, accumulating points, chasing that next upgrade way after bedtime, tirelessly working towards the level up that will impress the people around us. Sadly, for some of us this pernicious game takes over our lives. We are addicted. It affects our health, our happiness, our personal lives, everything. This game is called “Modern Work”.and so when you read :::

Let me tell you a story about gameification (ugh!). Not another nauseating buzzword bingo story – no, this is a story about how your parents and mine, your friends and mine, all play a massively multiplayer on- and offline role-playing game five days a week, 47 weeks of the year. You and I probably play it too. Maybe you are playing it right now?

as this article from Wired UK starts - and then goes on to make some interesting points like this:

the best game design today successfully rewards and encourages some of the characteristics least exhibited and most needed in Modern Work – real collaboration and teamwork in particular.

and this

imagine that Zynga were to re-design work. What a depressing thought.

… I can only agree - go on have a full read.

This post was originally posted to Expert Alumni’s Blog and is reproduced here with permission.

August 1, 2012