If Unemployment Is So High, Why Is Hiring So Hard?

Answer - Skills Gap.

Everywhere I look companies are recruiting. Everywhere I look - people are seeking work. But the overlap of the two venn diagrams is not a big one. That said, there are plenty of people that do have the capabilities that aren’t being picked up. That is more of a conundrum. It might be that they don’t really want to do the job for which they are uniquely qualified - on the other hand, it might be the people doing the recruiting - don’t see the latent talent.

This is the resume problem. What have you done - not what do you know, how can you add value to the process in question. These qualitative questions aren’t fully explored - you have to leap the tall building in a single bound to get to the interview. And at the interview they are obviously seeking people that can design machines to help people leap tall buildings in a single bound.

But beyond that, for U.S. companies to become and remain competitive, they will need to find people who are not just trained in, familiar with, or comfortable with these ever-transforming technologies, but also those with the entrepreneurial drive to conceive of practical, productive — and profitable — uses for them.

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Written By : Robert Moritz - Harvard Business Review.

June 13, 2012