Fractal Thinking

Someone recently asked me if I could produce a Fractal Rainbow for them.

Clarification - I don’t make Fractals - I use them as an analogy for business. BUT - got me to thinking. For a while now been wrestling for a good way to publish to my Blogs using my IPad - and this is my latest experiment on that front.

At the same time - I have found a video called Rainbow Fractals that I share with you now as a delight and joy to behold.

What is really cool is how easy it was for this video to be embedded into this post using Blogsy on my iPad.

Blogsy costs just $4.99 to allow a rich interface to publish to a raft of platforms that for me means I have a better Wordpress interface than the client provided by Wordpress AND I can publish to Tumblr using the same interface - and though I don’t use them Drupal, Jooma and a host of others.

Seriously - what is not to love ?

June 10, 2012