BlackField - Cloudy Now (Live/NY DVD)

By: RonMz

Great Song !!…. LyriX Maximize here,,, in a violent place we can call our country is a mixed up man and i guess thats me. the sun’s in the sky but the storm never seems to end. its a place of sorrow but we call it a home. and the darkest thoughts yeah, i guess they’re my own there’s wealth in the bank but there’s nothing to show inside. its cloudy now (x3) its getting cloudy now in a special place that i call my life the father was cruel and he lost his wife but i don’t see either cause i live across the street its a beautiful thing when it starts to rain a man who drinks just to drown the pain and i can’t stop from dreaming there’s something else. its cloudy now (x3) its getting cloudy now.. we are a fcked up generation it’s cloudy now a fcked up generation it’s cloudy now we gotta get out of here it’s cloudy now a f*cked up generation it’s cloudy now … -END-


This Was Originally Posted To A Wordpress.com site called Quotespace

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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