Journey Or Destination ?

When I read that

Some would say that putting a number, or a “score,” on human interaction is inherently flawed because humans are too complex and their actions, especially in digital space, are too difficult to predict. Preferred communication style, buying habits, complexities of language or even what their budget is for making a purchase would make predicting and executing a targeted social media conversion strategy ineffective, or so some would have you believe.

I get the thought - but would you rather be doing nothing ?

It isn’t 100%. I get it. But guess what ? It wasn’t that long ago that we thought the Sun revolved around Earth. We are on a journey people.

We might not like Klout, PeerIndex, Kred, Empire Avenue, Trustcloud et al - and hey almost certainly get it wrong - a lot of the time - but we are going to need something as ‘The Future of Work’ becomes ‘Work’. And you have to start somewhere.

May 2, 2012