It’s All About Context

Came across this Ted Talk last night.

Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, so IMHO - well qualified to talk about perception and reality. In this talk he ties back to how subtle changes in a perception of some thing or some act can TOTALLY change your viewpoint (your reality?). Highly entertaining, extremely engaging and definitely spot on.

From smoking a cigarette to where public money is invested through understanding psychology as well as technology as well as economics.

My friend John Caswell - founder of Group Partners often (not quite always) talks of context - has been for years - and has sold two companies to Ogilvy - so I wonder whether Rory picked up some ideas on the way :-)

Anyway - listen - absorb - enjoy.

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This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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