Apple To Crush Carriers - Moving To A Direct Service Provider ?

For a long time i have argued that wireless data will usurp the carriers - very very soon for a certain class of people. (The class of people that really don’t need to be accessed 24 * 7 - and are happy to collect alerts and do calls through the wireless connections when they have them.)

When iMessage came out (I heard that AT and T first learnt of iMessage on the day of the launch), it was described as (and is) Apple’s equivalent of BBN that creates the only loyalty left that Blackberry has. But actually - it should be a lot more unnerving to the carriers.

iMessage / iChat / FaceTime - they are all out there in various stages of finish on an array of devices.  But no phone app. Seriously if you can do device to device audio and video - you can do device to device audio. Can’t you?

So, while I truly believe they need to get their act together in terms of a suite of / single app that allows apple device communication - they can be their own ‘carrier’ - period. (Not even bothering with cellular networks)

The major enhancement to my mind is that they need to do one of those ‘search my contacts for all my friends Apple devices’ - so I have a list of who I can FaceTime / iMessage / iChat - AUTOMATICALLY. But then - with that done - we are good to go.

And all of that is why this ….

Apple to crush carriers, become direct service provider.

…. comes as no surprise at all. Maybe they will move to cellular as well. With VALUABLE and well priced data connections - now THAT would be a change !

May 2, 2012