10 Ways Your Business Can Combat Digital Darwinism

I am a big advocate of Social Media - BUT - my recurring mantra is to FIRST

  • understand your business, goals, milestones, objectives
  • know how the routes to market to achieve those goals, milestones and objectives will help

  • understand the customers / market / community that will allow you to achieve those goals, milestones, and objectives

  • work out how your Social Media Strategy will complement everything else you are doing to achieve those goals, milestones and objectives

In other words - don’t put the cart before the horse and remember that

  • social media is not instead of - it is as well as

  • is not free

  • is not easy

Otherwise - enjoy ! What prompts me to write this is seeing the quote :

The truth is that you can create brand pages on every social network you can imagine and you won’t succeed unless you know whom you’re trying to reach and where, what it is consumers expect and value, and how these channels represent a meaningful opportunity for you and your customers to connect. You first must answer what’s in it for them – and what’s in it for you. What the social media gurus aren’t telling you is that the landscape for business isn’t changing because of social media – it’s changing because consumer expectations are evolving.

in this Forbes article they seem to be saying the same thing. (via Forbes) Image borrowed from Brian Solis - with thanks - and definitely a dude amongst dudes :-)

May 7, 2012