The Ciphers of Social Media

A fascinating introduction to a benign yet real problem in GooglePlus - but I will guess on most other networks as well. My take ?

I think it ties into the fact that ‘most’ people still - really - don’t know what to do or say - or how to act in their new online world. My experience is that from network to network there are a few that are massive users - some not so - and a vast number who are simply there - I call it lurking. Then again - to paraphrase an old quote that I still can’t locate - someone has to sit on the sidewalk to watch when the band marches by.

But the very real and valid bottom line is if you THINK you have half a million followers - really how do you know who they are - and what they will do when it comes down to it …. whatever your data and analytics say - you might be in for a shock.

The Technium: The Ciphers of Social Media. is where you will find the full article by Kevin Kelly.

February 17, 2012