Focus on the User …

There is a lot of traffic (excitement) out there about the bias creeping in to Google Searches around the Social Landscape. This site : Focus on the User clearly demonstrates that there is - AND offers a work around with a handy dandy bookmarklet that you can install through a simple drag and drop.

When you search for “cooking” today, Google decides that renowned chef Jamie Oliver is a relevant social result. That makes sense. But rather than linking to Jamie’s Twitter profile, which is updated daily, Google links to his Google+ profile, which was last updated nearly two months ago. Is Google’s relevance algorithm simply misguided?

No. If you search Google for Jamie Oliver directly, his Twitter profile is the first social result that appears. His abandoned Google+ profile doesn’t even appear on the first page of results. When Google’s engineers are allowed to focus purely on relevancy, they get it right.

So that’s what our “bookmarklet” does. It looks at the three places where Google only shows Google+ results and then automatically googles Google to see if Google finds a result more relevant than Google+.

Watch the video. Install the bookmark. Done

…. or just move over to Bing - who knows what they are up to :-)

January 25, 2012