5 Dimwitted Leadership Strategies

I have come across most of these in my time - and definitely each contributes to the problems - but the ‘Lone Ranger’ is definitely the one that I can state categorically has messed up companies I work with more than any other.

#5 The Lone Ranger. This is the “I need to do it myself if it is going to get done right” leader.  News flash, you are NOT a leader if you are doing everything and deciding everything.  Being a leader is about making others successful and motivating them to act like an owner.  A lone ranger may feel like a rock star but nothing could be farther from the truth.  This leadership approach will chase away the talent on your team, it clearly does not scale, it is not sustainable, and it puts your business at massive risk.  We need leaders that cultivate positive results from others; a smart leader surrounds themselves with those smarter then they are.

The original post can be read here - and thanks to BNET - 5 Dimwitted Leadership Strategies

January 9, 2012