Always Good To Know What You AREN’T Doing

Dear Alexia, As promised, here are a list of twenty-five things my new company won’t be doing…

  1. Creating a rival to TechCrunch
  2. Any other kind of blogging

  3. Last minute hotel deals

  4. Creating any kind of social network for xxxx

  5. Giving a shit about your social graph

  6. Printing books

  7. Any other kind of gamification

  8. A browser plugin that explains to blog readers why something “is news”

  9. Anything that helps “brands” do anything with “social media”

  10. ContentFarmville: (“social gaming + seo = profit!”)

  11. Building a robot army to kill anonymous commenters

  12. Developing a better Barbiecam

  13. Adding soundtracks to crossword puzzles

  14. Publishing a newspaper

  15. Creating a crowdsourced database of Julian Assange’s hypocrisies

  16. “I, Mac” – A gourmet Mac and Cheese franchise for hipsters

  17. Selling fancy pens

  18. Selling shitty pens

  19. Badges

  20. Airbnb for nap pods

  21. A microblog platform for public resignations

  22. Potterless: a virtual community for grown-ups who hate Harry Potter

  23. Wifi on planes (note: this may already exist)

  24. Dogs with tiny hats

  25. Quora

A List Of Things Paul Carr’s New Startup Isn’t - and related doodlings on TechCrunch

September 28, 2011