🎵 Black Sabbath to be honoured by the City of Birmingham

Any fan of Black Sabbath knows the band formed in 1968 in Birmingham. To this day, despite the arrival of groups like The Spencer Davis Group, the Moody Blues, Judas Priest, Traffic, and ELO, Sabbath remain the biggest musical phoenomenon to come out of Britain’s second-largest city. And, of course, since the band broke up last year, probably for the last time, it looks like there are plans to commemorate the group.”


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It is not so much the news’ but the language’ that caught my eye. (My bold in the quote above). Doesn’t that phrasing suggest that those bands followed Sabbath? Yet, by my count

  • Spencer Davis was formed in 63

  • Traffic in 67

  • Moody Blues in 64

  • Judas Priest in 69 (ehich is actually the real year Black Sabbath became Black Sabbath)

Only ELO came after (1970)m but even they essentially emerged from The Move fromed in the early to mid 60s

I would also personally take issue with remain the biggest musical phoenomenon to come out of Britain’s second-largest city” .. but that’s another story.

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